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Monopoly Go is one of the most popular app-based games, thanks in part to nostalgia for the classic board game.  But why play for no reward when you can earn free gift cards by playing Monopoly Go? Monopoly Go brings the familiar real estate trading and wealth building gameplay to smartphones and tablets, allowing players to enjoy the thrill of Monopoly on the go.

What is Monopoly Go?

Though we have yet to meet someone who has never played the Monopoly board game with their family as a child, we have discovered that not everyone who has played the board game is familiar with Monopoly Go, the app-based (and, dare we say, vastly improved) version of this popular childhood game. Monopoly Go, like the popular board game, is a fun, fast-paced dice game in which you can acquire property, collect rent from other players, and compete with your friends. However, the similarities end there, since Monopoly Go offers much more!

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Monopoly GO! takes place in a moderately social setting. The player travels their board by themselves and begins with ownership of all properties. Another feature of Monopoly Go is a recurring mini-game called Treasure Hunting, which allows players to uncover hidden things and earn rewards. These mini-games, like other events, are themed and available for a limited time – typically a few days. All Treasure Hunts involve the same basic gameplay: tapping squares on a grid to reveal items. To uncover the squares, the player needs special tokens called “pickaxes” or “shovels”.

Company Behind Monopoly Go

Marmalade Game Studio, the creative force behind Monopoly Go, has a reputation for transforming classic board games into engaging digital experiences. Launched on April 12 and has since achieved tremendous success. The game swiftly rose to the top of the rankings, making waves as the #1 casual launch of 2024.

While the game’s expensive and risky UA strategy has drew attention, there’s no denying that the game has proven to be a huge hit with a formula that not only trades on its name, but also delivers something new – a unique blend of the Monopoly that everyone knows and loves, but perfectly adapted for a solo and social experience on the mobile platform.

Everyone knows Monopoly as a family game, or, more specifically, “a game that can tear any family apart.” A game of Monopoly can last several hours. It’s difficult to see how you could transfer its enjoyable but lengthy gameplay into a smartphone game. Monopoly GO is the only Monopoly game to reach the top of the app charts! It ranks just behind Netflix in terms of installs. Sure, Monopoly GO! is a new app, and its whole target demographic hasn’t downloaded it yet, but the stats are still outstanding.

Is Monopoly Go Free to Play?

Yes, Monopoly Go is free to play and download. While the game may prompt you to make in-app payments to personalize your gameplay, these purchases are not necessary to enjoy the game.

How To Play Monopoly Go

Playing Monopoly Go is both enjoyable and simple. You roll the dice to see how many places you can move. As you progress around the board, you can earn money (and lose it) and gain property in a variety of ways.

With the money you earn, you will be able to level up several landmarks linked with the board you are now on. When you have fully leveled all of the landmarks on the current board, you complete the level and proceed to the next board.

There are also railroad tiles that you can land on, which will activate additional money-making opportunities in the form of Shut Down and Bank Heist mini-games; in Shut Down games, you can attack other players’ landmarks in an attempt to earn money, whereas in Bank Heist games, you can take money directly out of another player’s bank account (as the name implies).

How Many Boards are in Monopoly Go?

Those inquiring how many levels there are in Monopoly Go may find a variety of answers on the internet. Some sources claim that there are over 300 boards, while others believe that the number of Monopoly Go boards is endless and that boards regenerate and recur as you move through the game.

Tips for Getting Free Dice Rolls, Spins and More!

Here are some ways to easily get dice rolls in Monopoly Go

  1. Depending on how you’re doing in the game you can earn extra free dice rolls every hour.
  2. Each day when you log into the app for the time you receive a reward in the form of free dice.
  3. Apart from the bonuses you also receive gift packages every 18 hours that often contain dice rolls.
  4. Not playing Monopoly Go with friends is fun. Inviting them to join can also earn you extra free dice rolls if they sign up and start playing.
  5. To maximize your rewards in Monopoly Go, take advantage of opportunities to create links dice for free with other players and earn extra.
  6. If you land on a shield tile and already have all your shields intact you’ll be rewarded with dice rolls to your current rolls value.
  7. As you progress in the game collecting stickers becomes part of the fun; if you have duplicates you can trade them in through the “Stickers for Rewards” feature. Potentially earn free dice rolls.
  8. Finishing a sticker album set grants you free dice rolls; completing an entire album unlocks more opportunities for rolling those dice.

When you help a friend open their Community Chest you’ll get dice rolls as a reward. Completing a set of properties with the color in Monopoly earns you a spin on the wheel for prizes like Monopoly money, dice rolls, stickers and more. Just hit the “Spin” button to see what you’ve won after the wheel stops.

Besides buying up all the properties in one color group there are some proven ways to earn spins in Monopoly Go.

  1. Win Games. Winning matches in Monopoly Go can earn you rewards, including free spins.
  2.  Monopoly Go offers Daily Tasks with bonuses such as wheel spins. How to get daily dice? Complete tasks.
  3. Join Events. Participating in game events and meeting event goals can score you rewards like spins.
  4. Connecting with friends on media when prompted in game might lead to winning Monopoly wheels.Connecting with friends in Monopoly Go is easy. You have three options to do so:
  • Connect via Facebook
  • Connect via Contacts
  • You’ll receive an invite link in the game that you can share with friends to help them download the game. Once they join and start playing they will be added to your Friends list.

Shields appear randomly on property squares during gameplay. When you land on a shield square you collect it. It acts as a defense when another player tries to attack your properties. Each shield gets used up after blocking an attack so it’s essential to keep collecting shields to safeguard your properties. You can collect shields through different methods.

The strategies for earning free dice rolls and wheels in Monopoly Go are similar to those used for acquiring pickaxes, in the game.Here are some ways to acquire pickaxes, in Monopoly Go.

  1. By completing tasks you can often earn free pickaxes as a bonus.
  2. Achieving a rank in an event or tournament may grant you the opportunity to obtain pickaxes.
  3. Every 8 hours you have the chance to claim a gift that sometimes includes pickaxes.
  4. By reaching milestones during gameplay you may receive pickaxes as a reward.
  5. Make In App Purchases.

While you cannot give stars directly to friends, you can exchange and gift in-game stickers with a star value (one to five, as seen at the top of the sticker). The way to redeem the stickers for stars is to have duplicate stickers, so if you want a friend to obtain the stars, send them a sticker that is a duplicate of one they already have. When your friend receives the duplicate sticker, the duplicates will immediately change into stars.

To send stars to others, share duplicate stickers.

  • Open your sticker album from the bottom right corner of your Monopoly Go screen (to the right of the “Go” button).
  • Choose from any of your duplicate stickers; you’ll know which ones you have because they’re marked with a symbol that looks like a plus followed by a number indicating how many duplicates you have.
  • Tap the sticker, then click the “Send to Friend” button at the bottom of the following screen.
  • Select a person from your Friends list and hit “Continue.”
  • You’ll next be asked to confirm that you actually want to send that sticker; press “Send” at the bottom of the screen to complete the operation.

During Monopoly Go’s Partner Events, specific tokens are required to gain more wheelspins. Each event has its own token that matches to the event’s theme, and flowers are the assigned token for Monopoly Go’s Gardening Partner Event; like with other tokens, flowers can be exchanged for additional wheelspins throughout this event. There are various ways to obtain free flowers in Monopoly Go:

  1. Land on Flower Tiles on the Gameboard: During this event, flower tiles will be randomly distributed across the gameboard, and landing on one of them will award you flowers. Pro tip: If you “up your bet” with roll multipliers, you can get even more flowers.
  2. Complete the Quick Wins: Review today’s Quick Wins by clicking the “Wins” symbol in the bottom-left corner of your screen, then perform the needed activities to potentially receive flowers.
  3. Participate in Events and Tournaments: Participating in special events and tournaments and ranking high in the tournament will give you rewards, such as flowers; however, you will often receive prizes simply for attending the event, even if you do not win.

Golden cards, or golden stickers, in Monopoly Go are more difficult to obtain than stickers of other colors because they cannot be traded with other players outside of the Golden Blitz event. Aside from the Golden Blitz, the two most dependable methods to obtain gold cards are:

  1. Complete Quick Wins: Achieving certain milestones and performing certain tasks (such as landing on a specific tile or assaulting an opponent twice) will get you a gold card or sticker.
  2. Participate in Events and Tournaments: If you play Monopoly Go on a regular basis and place well in tournaments, you will boost your chances of earning gold stickers. Earning points in events can also win you sticker packs, with the potential of receiving a gold sticker in any of them.

Yes, in Monopoly Go, you may trade gold stickers, but only during the Golden Blitz. Because gold stickers are in such great demand, it’s a good idea to swap any extra gold stickers during a Golden Blitz. Unfortunately, the Golden Blitz has no set timetable, and when it does occur, it is only for a limited time; although other in-game events can last several days or more, the Golden Blitz lasts 24 hours or less. The simplest method to find out when the next Golden Blitz is happening is to enable Monopoly Go push notifications, which will send you a message when the Golden Blitz goes live.

Summary of Monopoly Go

Monopoly Go brings the famous board game to mobile devices with a vibrant and entertaining experience. Marmalade Game Studio’s take on Monopoly retains the essence of the game while adding new features and concepts to enhance the gameplay. By buying, selling, and trading properties, Monopoly Go players attempt to control the virtual real estate market. The game’s interactive board, multiplayer modes, and themed events offer unlimited strategic and competitive play. Monopoly Go combines the timeless fun of Monopoly with exciting digital gameplay. 

To sum up, while rolling the dice is fundamental to advancing in Monopoly Go, there are several ways to acquire them without spending real money. There are many ways to earn or win free Monopoly GO dice rolls. Players can enjoy unlimited turns without spending any real money. For the best chance at an infinite roll, keep acquiring properties and interacting with friends.


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